Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Had Twins!

Jarjar Beans and Jazz Abu
Liam looks a lot like Jarjar. I think it's the hair!
So they shouldn't be on the couch, but Liam put them up there to watch cartoons with him. I thought this looked so funny. He tried so hard not to move.
Ok, so we really didn't have twins, but we got some puppies that are brothers. They are both Lab and Australian Shepard mixes. Liam did the honor of naming the boys. The yellow puppy is Jarjar. (Star Wars name) The black puppy is Jazz. (Transformer name) Very fitting! Good job Liam. They have become a big part of our family. I know you probably think we lost our minds, and I agree with you. We have! One of Jake's good friends told us about these puppies and the family they came from, so we decided to go check them out. We thought it would just be something fun to do and a chance for Liam to play with some puppies. Little did we know that we would strongly consider getting one. When we were there we fell in love with the little black puppy. We decided to claim him as ours but wouldn't be able to pick him up for several more weeks and if for some reason we decided not to get him that was fine. When he turned 6 weeks old we made a trip to go pick him up. We were all really excited. We had bought all the appropriate things for one puppy. However, when we got there our little puppy and the little yellow puppy were the only ones left. All of the others had been picked up and given to other families. Liam really wanted to take the little yellow puppy home too. He didn't want him to be the only one left with no family to go to. Then to top it off the family we were getting them from told us we should consider getting two because it might be easier and then our dog would have someone to play with. Jake was so hesitant, but of-course Liam and I won! So we brought home two. Can you believe that. We really did lose our minds. I did not grow up with dogs, so this was all new to me. I am happy to report that we have had such good luck with these guys. It was a lot of work the first couple of months, but they have turned out to be so good. Ever now and again they have their moments, but we got some pretty good puppies. Liam loves them so much. I feel like our house is really small now with these huge dogs, but they have been so fun to have.

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