Friday, July 11, 2008

Spray Park

Liam always has fun at the spary park. We went there on a hot June day. I imagine we will be going back again soon.

Chicago Trip

In June we took a family vacation to Chicago! It was Liam's first time in Chi town. We had a blast. Jake and I hadn't been there since our honeymoon! Wow has it really been 5 years? We enjoyed the museum, downtown, a baseball game (can I mention that the White Sox beat the Twins!), Navy Pier, and lots of swimming. Hopefully we can go back soon to do some serious shopping on Michigan Avenue.
Ah, the end of our vacation! When's the next one?


I thought the best way to start our blog would be with a cute picture of Liam! Look at that crazy hair! That's pretty normal. Just like his dad.
He has never really shown a lot of interest in coloring or art projects. Just recently coloring and creating pictures is all he wants to do. He has always had a great imagination so it is no surprise that his artwork is very creative. I thought I would catch him in action. Of course he opted to pose for the picture and gave his best cheese! I can't blame him, it's a pretty great smile.