Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hanging out with Aunt Jenny

Liam had such a great time at Aunt Jenny's house. He got to learn how to play the Wii. He got it after a little while and I think he liked it. Of-course they always spoil him. They were nice enough to watch him so I could meet up with my girlfriends, Katy and Alicia, in Des Moines.
Watch out!
He got the hang of it.
They pretty much wore him out!

Weekend at Aunt Jenny & Uncle Mike's House

Weekend at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mike's house. Whenever we are there we always go and visit their neighbor to feed the chickens and to get some eggs. Liam likes to hang out in the chicken coop. I am a little behind on my posts. I believe this was around April when we went there.
Some of the eggs had chicken poop on them. Liam thought they were pretty gross, but we cleaned them and took them home to eat them. That's country living.
Liam is showing Old Grandpa the pictures from his trip to the chicken coop and they also had new baby kittens. No, we did not bring any home!!!
Liam and Uncle Mike playing with bubbles!
Liam and Aunt Jenny playing catch.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Kittens

These are the cute little baby kittens that our Aunt Jenny's neighbor, Shelly, had. They were so tiny. Liam really wanted to take one home, but Jake would kill me. I have to admit, I really wanted one too. I love kittens. If we had gotten one, my house would have officially been a zoo, so no for now!!!

Valentine's Breakfast

Happy Valentine's Day to my two favorite boys! I had to make them some love pancakes. It's pretty much as creative as I get, but they seemed to love it!
What I love more than anything is Liam's crazy morning hair. This is why he can not have long hair. It just doesn't work for him.
My sweetie hubby! He loves posing for pictures first thing in the morning.
Liam opened his Valentine's gift. It was a Star Wars ship. Gotta love Star Wars. It's popular in our house. I just don't get it.
My sweetie Liam, crazy hair and all!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working on Valentine Cards

Liam working hard on writing his name on his Valentine's for all of his friends in his pre-school class. Iron Man! He did a good job.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Boys

Always picking on each other. Liam loves to be tickled. Why, who knows. I hate it!

Kameron's B-Day Party

Liam's friend Kameron turned 5 years old at the end of January and we got invited to his Chuck E Cheese birthday party. Liam had a blast and was excited to see his friends that he doesn't get to see as often. Kameron, Hailey, and Isabela are all the same age and have know each other since they were babies. I work with all of their moms and we have become good friends. It has been fun getting them together because they always have a great time and keep us on our toes!!! What a rowdy bunch of kids, but so cute.
Liam and Hailey, wow look at those expressions! Opening gifts. That's the fun part.
Liam and Isabela I think Liam was getting tired at this point. It was a fun and busy day. Thanks for inviting us Kameron.