Saturday, September 20, 2008


We went to the Legends on Saturday. It is a fun shopping area. We ended up spending the whole day there and each of us got to get a few things. Liam got some nice new shoes with laces so soon we can start learning how to tie our shoes. He is almost in boys sizes for shoes. In fact he wears the largest size in little kids, 13 1/2. Liam was so excited to see the dinosaurs at T-Rex. We didn't eat at T-Rex that day but had fun looking at everything anyway. Here he is posing with one.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Kid!

Getting ready to go outside. We have to take a picture first!!!

And our closeup!

Running like a mad man!

Not quit sure what is going on here. I think I am saying something to him and he is ignoring me!

Funny Kid! Typical Liam! He cracks me up! If he wasn't so shy around people, everyone would see what a goofball he really is!