Monday, April 12, 2010

My Boys

They don't get any cuter than this!!!

The Rainbow Cake

I tried it....yes I did....the famous MckMama Rainbow Cake. It was challenging, tiring, and so worth it. Yes this post is way way way over due. Did I mention it is way over due. My little Monkey turned 6 January 12th and I made this cake for his birthday. He loved it! I loved it! And it will be another 6 years before I do it again. Can you see how long it took me just to post about it. That is how exhausted I was. Did I mentioned that I'm not a baker.
Lots of food coloring. Did I mention that I usually avoid any red dies what so ever for Monkey. It's die = hyper!
Monkey looks like a big kid. Not a little munchkin anymore, a BIG KID!
Cutting the cake! And yes....liam is not wearing pants!