Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Nerd

What a Nerd!!!


Interesting choice of outfit!
Spiderman takes a lunch break!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Is Jake getting schooled by Brandon?

Here's Jake with our 11 yr old nephew BK on the 4th of July weekend. Jake challenged BK to a basketball game on his 20th birthday! He bet BK $100 that he would never be able to beat him in b-ball. I suppose I should start saving our money!


Liam had some fun fishing at Basswood Park Missouri over the 4th of July! He wasn't quit ready for an actual hook, but he still had fun. There's that cheesy smile again!
Here's Grandpa Kane helping Liam. Liam was too busy concentrating to pose for a picture. Sorry Grandpa!
Is it a fish? No, it's Plankton! Thanks for the fishing pole Grandpa!


OK, I know this seems really silly, but I have potted a bunch of flowers this year. I am happy to report that so far they are all still alive. Well, except for one minor accident, but we won't talk about that. Any who, look at how big they are getting. Now I am working at planting in the ground. Wish me luck and if you have ideas let me know.