Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School!

Liam woke up in a great mood for the first day of school. Little Liam started Kindergarten August 17th. Of-course we had to get a picture with Jazz and Jarjar before we could start our day.
Liam requested a special breakfast to start out the first day. So I did a portrait of him out of pancakes. Pretty good, right? What a way to start the day.
It really does look like him!
It was a rainy first day. Normally Liam walks to school with is Daddy, but this day was a mess. Liam didn't seem to mind. He happily posed for one of many pictures outside his classroom that day. He had his new Transfromer backpack and lunch box.
Here is where it went all down hill. Poor little Liam was a lot more upset than I expected him to be. He didn't want us to leave him the first day. I was doing fine until he cried a little and kept saying, "Good bye Mommy, Good bye Daddy." It about broke my heart. However, I am happy to report that I didn't cry until after we left the room.
Jake was trying to cheer him up.
My little Kindergartener! He is going to have such a great year and so much fun in Mrs. Roeder's Class!

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Anonymous said...

What a big boy!! He looked so cute by the boots in the hallway! GO Liam!!