Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go A's

Liam had a great season this summer on his baseball team. The A’s. In fact, they got presented a huge trophy at their tournament for having the best record in the league. They were so surprised and happy! The trophy was bigger than most of the players. Liam was lucky to be on a great team with a great group coaches and kids. All the coaches were so encouraging and really helped Liam develop his skills. Even though he isn’t the best baseball player, he sure has improved and it shows. This year, well for the most part, he wasn’t the kid picking the grass and throwing his glove up in the air while the ball zoomed by his head. The most important thing though, is that he really seemed to enjoy himself and really wanted to practice and participate. I was so proud of him for that. The kids on his team loved to cheer each other on, and that was really nice to see too. His team’s fate ended with their first tournament game, but it didn’t matter…they had a great season. It’s kind of funny because the team they played was a tryout team. The coaches looked like drill sergeants and the players all stood at attention. Then there were our guys, a bunch of goofs giggling, messing around, loud and crazy, but we got out there and for the first two innings it looked like we were going to beat them. They were so shocked beyond belief and that was pretty amusing to me and the other parents, considering our team is not a tryout team, nor do they resemble any type of military kids what so ever!!! I sort of felt bad for the other team. Their coaches were yelling at them and really getting on them for allowing a team like ours to be beating them. It was nice to see our kids having fun and enjoying themselves, and even though they didn’t win, it didn’t define them or discourage them! Well… was fun, so we will see what is next! Go A’s!!!
Our guys! A few players were missing this day! Goofy! See what I'm talking about!
At the pizza party!
Monkey getting his individual trophy!