Friday, February 20, 2009

Moore Family Christmas

3 little cuties
Everyone opening gifts. There was so many.
Liam showing Grandma Moore his new StarWars Light Sabor Uncle Nick gave him. He loves this toy and plays with it all the time.
The cook! Cute Jake!
Charlie opening his new truck. Getting a little help from Uncle Dan, Aunt Denise, and his Daddy.
Kim and Anna.
Emily helping Charlie.
Anna loves her dress-up clothes.
Uncle Nick showing Liam how to use the force!
Emily makes the best desserts, so it only seems fitting that she gets a Martha Stewart Cookbook. Hopefully she will make us something to try.
I made everyone pose. Gregg posing with his new sweatshirt.
Lisa and her sausage from Old Grandma and Old Grandpa Moore! What! Cute!
Kim with her Old Navy gift card. Cute smile Kim!

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