Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas, Just the 3 of us!

What a nice Christmas we had together this year. I enjoyed spending time with my two favorite guys, Jake and Liam.
Liam checking out his stocking. My Grandma Netcott made him that wonderful spiderman pillow and blanket. It is so nice and comfy. Liam loves it.
Jake, Liam, and the mustache! I am so glad it is gone. It is kind of out of control in this picture.
Liam loves this game he got from Katy, Scott, and Chloe. They are best friends ever and always do such sweet things for us!
Merry Christmas 2008!

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Heidi said...

nice pics! So funny, so many guys I know have been experimenting with facial hair - my hubby included!