Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Babies are Here!

I am excited to say that my two good friends, Amanda and Mandy, both had their babies about two weeks apart. You might remember from an earlier post that there are three co-workers who were pregnant and due around the same time. All of the babies are finally here and as cute as can be. I don't have a picture of Jenni's little girl Enza, but I have gotten to see her and hold her and she is adorable.
This is baby Ethan Charles. Isn't he a cutie pie. He was 9lbs. A big little boy, but such a sweetie.
Amanda and Ethan!

Here is Mandy holding baby Ethan. She is pregnant with twin boys in this picture and anxiously awaiting their arrival. I think we all thought she would be the first to have her babies.
Finally the twins are born. Congrats Mandy and Patrick. They are so adorable. Both weighing in at just over 5lbs. What a trooper. Gavin William and Brice Houston. How sweet are they.

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