Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Jake Story!

So...........this is a funny Jake story. On Monday night I woke up to a load boom. This was around 1:30am. Our room was pretty much pitch black, so I couldn't see a whole lot other than Jake laying down next to me. I thought something had fallen off of a shelf or something that was hanging on a wall had fallen. The next thing I know Jake sprints up out of bed and runs to the bathroom. As I'm talking to him through the bathroom door, he is telling me not to freak out but that I will probably need to drive him to the emergency room. (I don't do well with blood or really any type of accident) All I know at this point is that he had hit his head on something. I couldn't even imagine what that could have been. The last thing I noticed he looked like he was sound a sleep. Well, apparently Jake was sleep walking. He was having a dream about climbing a ladder, so as he is sleep walking he stood up on the bed and walked right into the ceiling fan that was going full blast. It made him lose his balance and fall back on the head board of the bed. That is the load boom I heard. He may have even knocked himself out for a minute or so which is why he looked like he was sleeping. Needless to say. Jake had cut his head perfectly across his eyebrow. We ended up going to the emergency room so he could get some stitches and make sure he did not have a concussion. Even though it isn't really funny, it kind of is. Even the doctor laughed about it. They said they see a lot of crazy things but hadn't seen that yet. The first thing Liam did when we got to the hospital was ask the nurse for some stickers for him and his daddy, to make them both feel better. He ended up getting a bunch of stickers. A few days later Jake got a huge black and blue eye. I didn't get a picture of that, but it looked like he had been in a fight. I swear Jake gets hurt more than anyone I know. His injuries are always weird! I guess that's why we all love him. Hopefully this gave you a good laugh! I like to tease him about it. This happened September 2nd.


Carrie Cole said...

OMG! I just laughed uncontrollably at my desk reading this! I'm glad he is okay but that is quite a funny story!

Lacey said...

This is a great story! That is just too funny. I love how a cop goes every day on the job not getting hurt and then ends up getting his black eye from the ceiling fan. I guess the bad guy got him this time, huh? Hope he's feeling better.