Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Project

So........We have started a new project! Well, it has actually been two years in the making, but are now starting to see some real progress. The project........landscaping and putting in a stone patio in the back yard. Jake and our friend and neighbor, Ray, worked hard over the weekend to get this time consuming project on its way. It took all day Saturday to get the ground level and get the stone delivered. Man, was that an ordeal. So much for getting the stone around 9am. It finally arrived at 6pm Saturday evening. Sunday was spent mapping out the plans for the patio and finally starting on moving the stone and laying it down. There is so much involved in this project. Jake and Ray worked from 11am Sunday morning to 8pm that evening. They did a great job, but there is still so much left to do. My job was to keep Liam and Ray's two kids, Trinity and Canon, entertained and out of the way! I don't know who had the harder job, them or me? I think it was me! Two 4 yr olds and one 6 yr old. Yikes! Here are some pictures from the weekend and to give you an update on why we may have not emailed you or returned your phone call lately. We have been busy, busy, busy!!!
Here is Ray getting the ground ready to start leveling.
It doesn't seem like a big space, but once you get down there, it is a lot of work. It took forever to rip out all of the grass. Jake did a lot of it by hand and then some of it with a sod remover.

Jake taking time to pose for me. Did you notice his mustache!

Along the left side of the house and lower deck we are putting large plants and bushes to kind of give the area a little privacy.

Time out to take a picture of some cute kids! Liam and Trinity. Can you believe that Liam is only 4 yrs old and Trinity is 6 yrs old. They look the same age! They also fight like brother and sister. Don't let these cute smiles trick you!

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