Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Weekend

I took Canon, Trinity, and Liam to the park on Sunday. Let's just say it was a crazy day and I am exhausted. Canon is 4, like Liam, and Trinity is 6. They play wonderfully one minute and then the next they are all so naughty and don't want to play with each other at all. Did I mention that they had a group time out before we even left for the park.

Little Cuties!!!

Trinity. She loved playing on the monkey bars and could almost do it by herself.

Canon, what a goofball! They love this park because it also has the spray area.

Liam was having fun in the water! The park was truly an adventure. Just before we decided to leave soon, Liam fell out of the swing and landed flat on his back. Poor little guy. I was so worried he had knocked the wind out of himself. That wasn't the worst of it. He actually cut his back up pretty good and his head was bleeding. It looked a lot worse than it ended up being, but all three kids and myself freaked out. We ended up leaving right away and the entire car ride Trinity and Liam cried and Canon kept telling Liam that he would need to go to the hospital and get a ton of shots that would hurt really bad. It was complete craziness. I think the fall had scared them all including the reaction we got from a parent that was at the park. Liam ended up being fine. Nothing that lots of hugs and kisses couldn't fix. He is a trooper! I felt so bad all day. Our nice time at the park ended on such a crazy note!

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momalicia said...

Great Pictures!!!
I think you definitely had the harder job!!