Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pregnant Ladies!

I thought this was such a cute picture. These are my good friends and co-workers who all happen to be pregnant. I guess it is catching at the credit union!!! I took this picture of them at a shower we had for them at the credit union. They all look so cute pregnant! From left to right: Jenni is due with her little girl Enza (I hope I spelled that right Jen) around October 3rd, Amanda is due with her little boy Ethan around October 9th, and Mandy is due in November with twin boys Gavin & Brice, but she will most likely have them in October. We are all so excited for the new arrivals as I'm sure so are the moms! We wish you all the best girls!!! It seems to happen in 3's around the credit union. The last big episode about 5 years ago was Erika, RC, and Dawn who all were pregnant at the same time. If I had worked there then, I would have also been in that club. All of our kids are 4 and will be turning 5 around the same time. Crazy credit union!!!

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