Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrift Store Fab

I am way excited about my Thrift Store Fabulous find.

The girls at work had a creative idea of doing a Christmas gift exchange.

But wait...........

there's a catch..............

you can only buy your gifts from the thrift stores AND you only get $10 to spend!!!

This seemed like such a challenge at first, until I got to the thrift store and realized all the wonderful treasures I had been missing out on. Who knew???? Even little Liam was in thrift store heaven.

Case in point!!! We had to have it!

Moving on to our next treasure...............I found this................look down........................

Or could be.

When I saw this wonderful tray my idea was to take some antique white paint I had left over from our kitchen project and to.......WELL........ paint the tray of course.

I was very happy with how the white paint looked on the tray. It really made it look fresh and new. Even though I loved this thrift store find, I still felt like it needed a little something else to make it have that old and new feel and to give it a little more meaning and warmth. So I decided I would add some stenciled words to the tray and use some art paint I already had from previous projects. I just made up words, it's not rocket science. Then after the words dried I took sanding paper and scuffed it all up to make it have a more antique feel. Finally I added a thin layer of mod podge over the words and the entire inside of the tray and let that dry. I used a matte finish. The mod podge will help protect the painting done on the tray.

It turned out like this before sanding

And after

I wish I could have gotten better pics.....way cooler in person. Oh and I was too excited to take a picture of the cute Christmas mug and revamped (I spray painted it silver) candle holder I got to go with it! $10 bucks baby.

I love it. Kind of too much. I didn't want to give it away. I hope my person loves it as much as me!

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