Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rainbow Cake

I tried it....yes I did....the famous MckMama Rainbow Cake. It was challenging, tiring, and so worth it. Yes this post is way way way over due. Did I mention it is way over due. My little Monkey turned 6 January 12th and I made this cake for his birthday. He loved it! I loved it! And it will be another 6 years before I do it again. Can you see how long it took me just to post about it. That is how exhausted I was. Did I mentioned that I'm not a baker.
Lots of food coloring. Did I mention that I usually avoid any red dies what so ever for Monkey. It's die = hyper!
Monkey looks like a big kid. Not a little munchkin anymore, a BIG KID!
Cutting the cake! And yes....liam is not wearing pants!


Alicia said...

Whoa...he is looking big!! I bet it makes you make me sad thinking about my baby right behind yours!!
Love the cake!! It looks so good!!
What a great mom that you are!
Hope all is well!

Mommy K said...

I love it! You are very brave to try the rainbow cake! I still think I might try it some time. How long did it take to make?? Well, for as long as it took you to post about this, it will be as long as it takes us to send Liam his present. :) Love you all!