Monday, April 19, 2010

Broadway Bridge Run

Broadway Bridge Run - Sunday April 18th, 2010 This is my second year participating in the Broadway Bridge Run that benefits the Special Olympics. This year I was brave and decided to go ahead and try the 10k, 6.2miles. I can't even believe that I signed up for this last year and did a 5k and then this year a 10k. I never imagined I would be running anything. I have been on an amazing journey this last year with my weight loss goals (50lbs & counting), but have realized that my journey has become much more than a journey to lose weight, it has become a life change of fitness and health. That is why this simple little run that may seem so insignificant to others, is so BIG to me. I am doing something I never thought possible.......and have met the most amazing people along the way that motivate and support me. I am proud to call myself a runner. It feels good. I just keep my running shoes on to see what's up next in my 5k - 10k journey.
Official Results:
Time: 51:05.1
2nd in my age group 30-34, 41st overall out of 207.
Not too shabby!
Here is the starting line where all the walkers and runners took off. Aaron & Noah. Cute. Aaron finds great events and allows us (Credit Union employees) to participate in these amazing events.
Jenafer and Heather. Good job ladies. Smirk. I almost see some leg muscles! I'm liking that. I can thank my amazing and motivating trainer, Jonathon, for that! Check out his amazing studio if you ever want to try a class:

James.......rocking the 10k! Did I mention he is the one to thank for pushing me to do the 10k. Thanks a lot James. Ok...really, I do mean that.

Paula and Erika making their way to the finish line.

Holly. Another brave soul to do the 10k. She did a great job.

Glad to be done.

Good looking group. We can smile now, it's over.
Little Liam said he is going to run with me next year. Can't wait. He is amazing and a huge inspiration to me. So proud of him and I know he is so proud of me. He met me at the finish line.
Me and little Liam after the race.
Excellent way to end the day......with a Monkey hug!

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